VALOTUS is the most of all a sustainable and Earth-friendly clothing brand that brings laid back and comfy, yet artistic, slow-fashion garments in to the markets. The main idea of the brand it to combine simple but stylish clothes with unique print art that mixes nature photography with digital drawing and editing. VALOTUS is a one-woman-business run by a creative artist, Inka Holck, from the Finnish Lapland.



A VALOTUS garment is perfect for any free soul and wanderer out there, from the salty breeze of the ocean shores, through the fresh air of the mysterious forests, to the mountains and fells covered with snowflakes. VALOTUS is for you who want to be part of the sustainable change and help the mother Earth to recover.



We want all of our clothes to be eco-friendly as possible. As we don't produce them ourselves from the scratch we want to make sure that our partners follow the same guidelines as us.

Stanley/Stella as the producer of our garments provides us clothing that are made from either organic or recycled materials and non-toxic dyes. They also limit their water use in production. S/S is a member of Fair Wear Foundation with 100% transparency of production and they have a PETA certification which means that their clothing is also 100% vegan.

Our Lapland based production, in other words the design of the prints as well as all the office work is powered by ecological electricity and mostly made using second-hand equipment.

The printing process that is made in collaboration with FRAMME is chosen with care so that the colors are water-based and non-toxic for the nature or us and the technology is designed to maximise the energy efficiency.


We plant a tree for each purchase made, locally here in Rovaniemi, Finland.


the owner

I'm an outdoor soul and a child of sun. I live from the nature and get all my inspiration from it. I've been living my whole life surrounded by nature, mostly in the arctic Northern Finland, partly in a paradise they also call Indonesia. So it is only natural that I've seen how much the nature needs protection.

My first idea of VALOTUS popped into my mind when I was trying to figure out ways to be more ecological in my everyday life. It was somewhat difficult to find clothes that I was looking for, made sustainably. I've also dreamed about having a platform for more artistic photography so I thought it would be a great opportunity for me as well, to combine two things that I'm passionate about. Photography and taking care of the mother Earth.

My free time hobbies have shaped my lifestyle since the beginning. I'm a freeride skier, dancer, musician, a sled dog musher, a salty water spirit, a camper. That's why VALOTUS is also all of these things. A free soul and a wanderer.